Ukrainian innovations in the field of ventilation are spreading around the world!

For more than 15 years, Ukrainian ventilation systems manufacturer PRANA has been helping people breathe clean air while staying indoors. The high quality and efficiency of recuperators with copper heat exchangers have helped PRANA gain popularity in different parts of the world. Today, the company has more than 40 reliable partners in almost all European countries and parts of the Middle East.

However, we are always open to new opportunities. Therefore, the PRANA team, namely, co-owners Dmytro Krotov, Roman Kuzych and Business Development Manager Natalia Derkach, presented Ukrainian products in distant Japan as part of an official trade mission.

During the mission, the Ukrainian delegation takes part in the Kobe International Industrial Fair in Kobe. This year’s event, known not only in Japan but throughout Asia, is dedicated to industrial innovations and takes place from September 7 to 9, 2023. All these days, representatives of Ukraine have been actively working to popularize Ukrainian products in the promising Asian market.

In particular, on September 7, as part of the opening of the event, the Mayor of Kobe, Kizo Hisamoto, met individually with representatives of the Ukrainian trade mission. The event was also attended by Lviv Mayor Andriy Sadovyi, who signed an important agreement on cooperation between the cities in the areas of business, culture, healthcare, tourism and innovation.

During the discussion of future cooperation, Prana representatives had the opportunity to present Ukrainian-made recuperators to the Mayor of Kobe and other representatives of the host city.

In the following days, the PRANA team will have a unique opportunity to communicate with representatives of Japanese business, tell the participants of the event about the benefits of Ukrainian ventilation and exchange experience with Japanese colleagues. And also, together with other members of the Ukrainian delegation, is actively working on the realization of the main goals of the mission:

  • attracting foreign investment in Ukrainian projects;
  • finding new markets for Ukrainian producers;
  • dissemination and development of Ukrainian innovations.
For reference:

Kobe is one of the industrial centers of development of the Japanese economy and science. In particular, the world’s fastest supercomputer Fugaku is located in Kobe.

The trade mission to the International Industrial Exhibition in Kobe (Japan) is being implemented with the support of Lviv City Council, Invest In Lviv, and the Business People’s Club of Ukraine with the support of the USAID Competitive Economy Program.