The best solution is the supply-exhaust ventilation system PRANA

The Prana recuperator is a unique, patented supply-exhaust ventilation with heat recovery that saves up to 96% of the building’s energy resources, reduces heat costs and prevents environmental pollution.

Supply-exhaust ventilation uses the heat of the exhaust air removed through the recuperator. The principle of operation of ventilation with recuperation is that the supply-exhaust ventilation system passes air flows from the room and from the street towards each other. They do not mix with each other, thanks to the separation by thin walls. As a result, fresh air already heated to a comfortable room temperature enters the room, which helps to save heating costs.

Installation of supply-exhaust ventilation systems with heat recovery in the room is carried out using diamond drilling and takes only a few hours without compromising the integrity of the repair.

Heat recovery is a technology that helps to significantly reduce energy costs for home heating. Translated from Latin, this term means something that «returns, receives back».

The supply-exhaust ventilation system of Prana removes streams of «exhausted» air from the apartment and fills it with fresh, street air. A special heat exchanger is located inside the unit, which collects heat from the room and heats the outside air with it. As a result, already warm streams of air enter the room, which do not require additional heating, that is, users do not spend unnecessary energy resources and money on heating the home.

Supply-exhaust ventilation with PRANA heat recovery

System provides users with a number of advantages, including:

  • complete air renewal in the room every 2-3 hours;
  • normalization of humidity level indicators;
  • prevention of loss of heat/coolness in the room up to 96%;
  • filling of living rooms, as well as houses, office buildings with clean living air;
  • saving costs for heating or cooling the building.

Without the use of supply-exhaust ventilation, ventilation occurs by opening windows. At this time, most of the heat in the winter and the cold from the room in the summer «escapes» to the street, forcing homeowners to connect additional devices for heating or air conditioning. This leads to significant additional costs, therefore, to ensure high-quality and effective air exchange, specialists recommend installing forced ventilation, namely supply-exhaust units.

Thanks to the advantages of innovative supply-exhaust ventilation PRANA, significant savings and constant provision of fresh air can be achieved in rooms of various purposes:

  • hotels, restaurants, cafes, hostels;
  • schools, higher educational institutions, kindergartens;
  • business centers, office premises, co-working spaces;
  • hospitals, polyclinics, rehabilitation centers;
  • cosmetology offices, sanatorium-resort facilities;
  • shopping and entertainment centers, supermarkets;
  • shops, exhibition and conference halls;
  • fitness studios, swimming pools, sports, gyms;
  • maintenance stations, production shops, other industrial facilities;
  • apartments, private houses, cottages.

Depending on the type and size of the room, the ventilation system with recuperation for a house, office or other room involves the installation of one or more recuperators according to needs. Another significant advantage of the recuperator is that, unlike centralized ventilation systems, it is suitable for installation in rooms with any ceiling height.

The PRANA supply-exhaust ventilation system is a compact and progressive ventilation system, the installation of which takes about two hours. With the help of PRANA, you can easily organize different microclimatic zones in one room without the need to build additional partitions and walls.

In addition, in the context of energy saving, another advantage of a device with heat recovery is the absence of air ducts in the ventilation system. Thanks to the free movement of air in the supply-exhaust ventilation system, a significant reduction in energy consumption and noise level is achieved.

Supply-exhaust ventilation with a recuperator does not involve additional operating costs. Due to the application of unique author’s developments, the PRANA ventilation system with heat/cold recovery is the most flexible and user-friendly system. Supply-exhaust units provide the user with the opportunity to change and upgrade ventilation equipment in stages if necessary and do not need to stop work in the room during work in the house or in a manufacturing plant or office.

The Prana supply-exhaust system with heat recovery will be the best solution in premises of any purpose in Ukraine and far beyond its borders.

As you know, fresh air at home is one of the most important components of well-being, cheerfulness and good health. And the right temperature and optimal humidity are the key to a comfortable stay indoors. A healthy microclimate and optimal conditions will be provided by the exhaust ventilation system with PRANA heat recovery.

You can buy ventilation systems with recuperation that will meet all your wishes by visiting our online store.

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