The modern world offers the user many personal gadgets: iOS and Android smartphones, tablets. Modern technology for the home is also improving. Just 10 years ago, to change ventilation system settings, you had to physically be near the device, use dimmers and rheostats. Now in order to choose the mode and productivity of the ventilation system, you need to press the button on the remote control or in a mobile app.

All PRANA recuperators support control using the app for smartphones. The PRANA Online app is open for users to download from the App Store and Google Play. It opens Bluetooth and Wi-Fi connection possibilities with your recuperator.

Controlling your recuperator from your smartphone is easy and fun!

To get started, download the PRANA Online app to your smartphone. When connecting for the first time, you need to enable the geodata service (GPS), subsequent connections do not require this step. Bluetooth also needs to be enabled for the first connection 1 so the app will get connected to the recuperator.

In front of you is the screen for creating a user account in the app. In this form you need to enter your login (e-mail) and create a password. You will receive an email with a link to confirm the registration. Click on the link to create a personal account. Later you can log in to the application using your username and password. After registering an account in the application, you can select the required type of connection (Bluetooth or Wi-Fi).

Most of the surveyed users rate the design of the application as easy and intuitive. It allows you to change the performance of the system, turn on Sleep Timer, Winter Mode, Night Mode, Airing Mode. The app also lets you uniquely control the supply and exhaust airflows separately, increasing or decreasing their performance. Also for Wi-Fi control a new function of creating custom scenarios of ventilation system operation is available. You can pre-schedule the operation of the recuperator in this or that mode for a day or week in advance.

Air quality just in the app!

If you have a PRANA ECO ENERGY or PRANA ECO LIFE series recuperator, the mobile app allows you to quickly check the air quality in your room. Readings from humidity, temperature, atmospheric pressure, CO2eq and VOC (volatile organic compounds in the air) sensors are always displayed on the PRANA Online app screen. So, you can always get information about the quality of the air you are breathing in the room. If desired, the user can connect to the cloud storage, where the air quality data for the selected period of operation of the recuperator is stored.