In this section, you will find details about the Manufacturer’s Warranty for ventilation systems with heat recovery TM PRANA.

The manufacturer’s warranty period for the product is 24 (twenty-four) months. During this period, the use of the product for its intended purpose is guaranteed, subject to the rules of transportation, storage and operation.

The warranty period for goods sold through a retail network shall be calculated from the date of sale to the consumer. Necessary, accessible and reliable information about the goods subject to warranty repair (maintenance) or warranty replacement shall be provided by the manufacturer (seller) to the consumer in the operational documents attached by the manufacturer to the goods.

The operational documents include: textual, graphic, and design documents that, individually or together, make it possible to familiarize oneself with the consumer properties of the goods and which define the rules for their transportation, storage, and operation. The goods shall be accepted for warranty service only if they are accompanied by the operating documents and original packaging. The warranty card must be filled out by the seller upon transfer of the goods. In the event of product failure due to non-compliance with the rules of storage, transportation and operation, in the absence of a warranty card, original packaging, damage caused by an emergency increase in mains voltage or use of the product for other purposes or with existing mechanical damage, the consumer loses the right to warranty service.

Air purification filters belong to the category of goods that cannot be exchanged (returned). Accordingly, they are not covered by the warranty.

Return, exchange, repair of goods.

According to the Law of Ukraine «On Protection of Consumer Rights»: You have the right to return or exchange goods of good quality within 14 days from the date of purchase.

Mandatory conditions:

  • a sales receipt of payment is available;
  • correctly filled out warranty card;
  • the original packaging is preserved;
  • its presentation is preserved;
  • the consumer qualities of the Goods are preserved;
  • the product has not been used;

You have the right to warranty repair of the goods with detected defects or replacement of the defective goods with the goods of proper quality during the entire warranty period, which is 24 months from the date of purchase.

Mandatory conditions:

  • there is a sales receipt for payment;
  • the warranty card is correctly filled out;

If the goods are available, your request for their replacement shall be immediately satisfied, and if there is a need for a quality check (examination) – within 14 (fourteen) days or as agreed by the parties.

In the absence of the goods, your request for their replacement shall be satisfied within 60 (sixty) days from the date of submission of the relevant application. Warranty repairs shall be carried out at the service center whose address is indicated in the coupon.

Warranty obligations are terminated if:

  • the Buyer did not follow the rules and recommendations for the use of the Goods;
  • the Buyer has interfered with the design of the Goods;
  • the product has failed as a result of physical damage (shocks, short circuits, foreign objects, etc.).
  • the installation of the product was carried out in violation of the established rules.

Technical support contacts:

+380 (67) 273 86 85 – Nazar