People are the most valuable resource in any industry. There is one simple rule of success in business:

If you want to increase staff productivity, create a comfortable environment for employees. Ventilation in the office is one of the priority areas in creating proper working conditions!

Today, there are many factors that negatively affect the ventilation of offices:
  • Hermetic plastic windows do not allow fresh air and do not remove the “used” one. Therefore, it is necessary to open the windows and to ventilate a premise from time to time. In this way, along with fresh air, dust, noise and exhaust gases from cars will get to the office (because very often the offices are located near highways). In addition, precious heat will be lost in the winter and more money will have to be spent on heating the office. If the office is “densely populated”, the windows should be open almost throughout the working day to get enough fresh air (20-30 m3 O2 / h per employee).
  • «Deaf» windows, which do not open at all, are often installed in offices. This is another ventilation problem of modern offices. Panoramic windows look good, let in a lot of light, but are often «deaf». Such premises actually become a jar and you can’t do without a recuperator or other forced ventilation.
  • Without proper ventilation, staff can get sick easily. If ventilation is not installed, the CO₂ level. increases sharply. The office becomes uncomfortable and stuffy, and staff productivity drops significantly, employees become lethargic, concentration and attention are reduced.
  • Appliances, furniture and finishing materials also pollute the air. All additional elements in the office: furniture, special equipment, etc., constantly emit harmful substances, such as formaldehyde. If the room is regularly ventilated, it is not noticeable for the health and comfort of staff. Indoors, harmful substances accumulate, and bacteria and viruses spread very quickly. In offices that are not ventilated, workers are more likely to get sick. And this is an additional cost for the employer.

That is why the productivity of any company and the efficiency of staff directly depends on the ventilation in the office.

Supply and exhaust ventilation with heat recovery is the best solution for ventilation.

Proper ventilation will ensure a constant flow of fresh air and exhaust. Thanks to the recovery, the supply air in the office will always be at a comfortable temperature: heated in winter and cooled in summer. Prana recuperators have a wide range for different types of rooms, with a wide range of air exchange volumes and efficiency up to 95%.