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About company

PRANA is a developer of energy-efficient recovery ventilation systems. The patented technology based on a copper heat exchanger ensures that up to 98% of the heat and coolness in the room is retained.

The company has its own production, climate laboratory, and design department, so it guarantees the quality of each unit.

We are already trusted in 42 countries. Join us!

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Our values:

PRANA is committed to helping people around the world start breathing to the fullest. With the benefit of their own health and with care for the planet.

A modern person spends more than 90% of their time indoors. Instead of fresh air, people are forced to breathe carbon dioxide, emissions from walls, flooring and furniture. That is why we have developed supply and exhaust ventilation systems with recovery.

The PRANA recuperator is easy to install and operate. It has automatic operating modes and a patented copper heat exchanger. This allows you to always breathe fresh air, without wasting time opening and closing windows or quickly ventilating.

Чисте повітря завдяки рекуператорам Prana

Our principles

Reducing the ecological footprint

Each PRANA ventilation system reduces CO2 emissions from the premises by 1034 kg annually. The recuperators are also made of recyclable materials.

Improving the quality of life

Health, comfort and well-being of people are the main objectives of each of the company’s products.

Increasing the energy efficiency of buildings

Recovery efficiency of up to 98% means that you will keep the room warm in winter and cool in summer. And no overpayments for additional heating and air conditioning.

Representation of Ukraine

By our own example, we show that Ukrainian products are innovative, effective, and technological solutions. Prana recuperators have already been represented in 42 countries.

Рекуператори PRANA у світі

Команда PRANA

Дмитро Кротов
Співзасновник, голова наглядової ради
Роман Кузич
Співзасновник, CEO
Дмитро Кротов
Співзасновник, голова наглядової ради
Роман Кузич
Співзасновник, CEO
Іван Староста, виконавчий директор
Людина, яка приймає на себе виклики, оперативно вирішує складні завдання та ефективно керує різними відділами в компанії.
Technical department
The technical foundation of the PRANA brand. These people know by heart the rules of DBN, the requirements for air exchange and ventilation projects.
Foreign economic department
Find a common language with the whole world? Easy! This part of the team interacts daily with PRANA representatives in 42 countries.
Sales department Ukraine B2C
Part of the team that helps you every day to make your home more comfortable and safer for yourself and your loved ones.
Marketing department
Creative and advertising component of our team. PRANA's corporate identity, voice and presence are all the result of their work.
Planning and Economic Department
People who daily support the strategic and financial foundation of the PRANA brand.
The most pedantic and meticulous person on our team.
Warehouse and economic department
Fast deliveries and up-to-date information on the quantity and types of products available are all possible thanks to the contribution of these people.