Технічний відділ PRANA
About company

PRANA is a manufacturer of modern energy-efficient ventilation and air conditioning systems. Supply and exhaust ventilation systems which are recuperators based on copper heat exchanger 一 create safe and comfortable living conditions for people around the world. PRANA’s unique patented design saves up to 96% of building energy, reduces energy consumption and prevents environmental pollution.

PRANA Mission 一 healthy breathing and ecological lifestyles of people around the world. We strive to ensure a comfortable and safe stay of people in premises of any purpose: residential, administrative, industrial.

Our values:

Human life is the highest value. Health, comfort and development of people are the main tasks of every product of the company.

The preservation of the planet depends on each of its inhabitants. The production of PRANA recuperators uses materials that are recyclable and do not pollute the environment. Each PRANA recuperator user reduces potential CO2 and greenhouse gas emissions by 1,034 kg annually.

Чисте повітря завдяки рекуператорам Prana

Our principles

Production and operation of recuperators implies the absence of any harmful effects on living organisms and the environment.


Efficient indoor air exchange with recuperators (which are equipped with copper heat exchanger) improves the microclimate, maintains the comfort and health of users.

Energy efficiency

PRANA ventilation systems help reduce energy losses in buildings by redistributing energy in the surrounding space.

Representation of Ukraine

By our own example, we show that Ukrainian products are innovative, effective, and technological solutions. Prana recuperators have already been represented in 42 countries.

Рекуператори PRANA у світі
Part of the PRANA team
Technical department
The technical foundation of the PRANA brand. These people know by heart the rules of DBN, the requirements for air exchange and ventilation projects.
Foreign economic department
Find a common language with the whole world? Easy! This part of the team interacts daily with PRANA representatives in 42 countries.
Sales department Ukraine B2B
Those who represent the interests of Ukrainian business in matters of ventilation. Ready-made solutions for companies of all sizes.
Sales department Ukraine B2C
Part of the team that helps you every day to make your home more comfortable and safer for yourself and your loved ones.
Marketing department
Creative and advertising component of our team. PRANA's corporate identity, voice and presence are all the result of their work.
Planning and Economic Department
People who daily support the strategic and financial foundation of the PRANA brand.
The most pedantic and meticulous person on our team.
Warehouse and economic department
Fast deliveries and up-to-date information on the quantity and types of products available are all possible thanks to the contribution of these people.