Exercising is the key to good health and good mood. When choosing a gym, we are guided not only by the location (closer to home, work), pricing policy and list of services, but also focus on comfort in the gym.

What determines the comfort in the gym?

A healthy microclimate in the gym directly depends on proper ventilation. In sports and gymnastics centers or gyms, people sweat and emit heat. As a result: carbon dioxide levels rise and harmful fumes accumulate.

Insufficient oxygen in the air, high humidity, odors of sweat provoke poor health of athletes, shortness of breath and even dizziness. In order for the gym to be a real place for recovery, it is necessary to ensure the removal of exhaust air with vapors and excess carbon dioxide and the inflow of fresh clean air (it is necessary to timely change the exhaust air with fresh).

The result of long-term accumulation of moisture in the absence of forced ventilation is deplorable. The supply and exhaust ventilation system will cope with this task.

The main task of ventilation of gyms is to ensure a sufficient volume of air exchange. Air exchange in gyms should be several times higher than the norm for an apartment or office. Because here people are engaged in physical activity, which is accompanied by greater use of oxygen and the release of moisture and heat.

Of course, the amount of air required depends on the type of gym, the number of visitors, the size of the windows, the temperature, and so on. In any case, the air exchange in the gym should be at least 50 m3 / h per person, and relative humidity not more than 60%. If there are grandstands in the gym, then when designing a ventilation system, you should add another 20 m3 / h per spectator.

Features of designing ventilation systems in gyms

The peculiarity of ventilation design is that with large volumes of air exchange, the speed of air flow should be low. This result can be achieved by increasing the diameter of the air ducts, and ventilation grilles are installed so that way direct air currents do not fall on visitors. Otherwise, drafts will form, which is detrimental to health.

In small gyms, usually install monoblock systems of supply and exhaust ventilation:

In medium and large halls, it is advisable to install industrial ventilation systems with ventilation ducts.

It is important that the ventilation system has heat recovery. This will provide temperature comfort, a healthy microclimate and savings on ventilation in the cold season.

The principle of recovery is that the cold supply air is heated by a warm exhaust thanks to a copper heat exchanger. The air passes through different channels and does not mix either in the middle of the working module or at the inlet-outlet.

To provide even more comfort and thus attract more visitors to your gym, experts recommend installing air conditioners paired with a recuperator. However, in this case, it is important to remember that the air conditioner does not replace the exhaust air, the air conditioner only changes its temperature. Instead, only a ventilation system can supply fresh, healthy and oxygen-rich air.