In the conditions of martial law, security has become a priority issue for Ukrainians that requires effective and quick solutions. Russian occupiers are constantly shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities, choosing ordinary residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and manufacturing enterprises as targets.


Usually, in such facilities, shelters are either completely absent or in critical condition. And low air quality in basements poses a threat to people’s lives and health. That is why the organization of high-quality ventilation of  shelters is the primary task of local authorities, housing cooperatives, and owners of medium and large businesses.

Such warehouses are often equipped with mechanical systems of supply and supply-exhaust ventilation to maintain acceptable thermal, moisture and gas parameters of the air during the stay of people in them.

An effective storage ventilation system should ensure normal operation in clean ventilation mode for 48 hours and in filter ventilation mode for 12 hours.

рекуператор прана

In the mode of clean ventilation, the supply of dust-free outdoor air to the warehouse should ensure the necessary air exchange and removal of heat and moisture from the premises. The amount of air supplied and removed is 10 m3/h for 1 person hiding.

In shelters located in the areas of possible mass fires or strong contamination of the territory with harmful substances from secondary factors, a mode of complete isolation with regeneration of internal air is provided with an estimated duration of the mode within 6 hours.

In addition, requirements for the installation of dust filters, additional fans, hermetic valves, etc. are possible.

By installing a PRANA recuperator in the shelter, you will ensure:

  • quality ventilation 24/7;
  • reduction of CO2 level;
  • removal of unpleasant smells;
  • reduction of energy consumption;
  • normalization of the humidity level;
  • protection against allergens;
  • convenient control from the remote control and smartphone;
  • «AUTO» AND «AUTO PLUS» modes (in ECO series systems);
  • constant monitoring and analysis of air quality (in ECO series systems).

In addition, PRANA recuperators save up to 96% of energy consumption associated with room ventilation. Ventilation with heat recovery of the exhaust air allows you to return part of the thermal energy of the exhaust air and additionally save on heating the supply air.


проект вентиляції приклад прана

Our approach to room ventilation is based on detailed calculations and design proposals for ventilation systems.

For each ventilation project, our specialists develop 2 documents: a project proposal and feasibility justification.

Based on the analysis and calculation of the data, the customer receives a design solution that includes:

  1. Calculation of the necessary air exchange of premises.
  2. Recommendation of the type and quantity of ventilation equipment.
  3. A sketch project of the ventilation system, which includes a diagram of the location of equipment and components.

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