The efficiency of the PRANA recuperator depends on the cleanliness and condition of the elements: heat exchanger channels, front and rear engines, the inside of the housing and the filter (if available).

A common reason for incorrect operation of the recuperator is contamination of these elements. Clogged with dust and dirt, the coarse cleaning grids of the heat exchanger channels or the grids of the device create obstacles to the free movement of air in the recuperator, which significantly reduces the performance of the system and lowers the air quality in the room. In order to prevent these negative consequences, PRANA experts recommend regularly (1-2 times a year) self-cleaning or professional service of the recuperator.

Experienced users can do dry cleaning at home. In case of lack of experience and knowledge, we recommend contacting the PRANA service center.

In which case does your recuperator need service?
  • the PRANA recuperator has been in operation for 1 year or longer;
  • you noticed a decrease in system performance (one of the engines does not work);
  • there are violations of the integrity of the recuperator, mechanical damage;
  • the firmware of the control board does not support control from the mobile application;
  • mini-heating does not work;
  • the recuperator does not turn on or the operating mode does not switch;
  • the recuperator has been operated for more than 1 year in specific conditions: a beauty salon, a medical facility, a production facility, a swimming pool, a car wash, a cafe or restaurant kitchen, a service station, etc.;
  • in devices of the «ECO» series air quality sensors do not respond to existing air pollution or their readings are incorrect.

Service includes recuperator diagnostics, cleaning, replacement of failed parts (motors, grids, control board, electrical components). Service is carried out at the PRANA production facility by a qualified specialist.

For cleaning and maintenance, it is necessary to remove the heat exchanger with motors from the housing, as shown in the diagram below. Before performing such work, it is necessary to turn off and de-energize the system.

If you are not confident in your electrical installation skills, entrust the removal of the heat exchanger to PRANA specialists and contact the manager who sold the system, get advice and clarify the timing of the dismantling master’s departure.

Service  Prana:

+38 (067) 204 81 94; – for consultations on the operation of the devices.

+38 (096) 555 30 50; – to clarify the status of the equipment and the timing of repairs.