Director of the Fitness Club «X-Life» Golovko V.Yu.

In 2016, the PRANA 340S ventilation system (4 pieces) was installed in the premises of the X-Life Fitness Club (Kherson). Ordered directly through the Lviv office. The products were manufactured in accordance with our technical requirements and under specific installation conditions. Installed by a Kherson company that has been certified by the manufacturer. In the summer of 2018, the club moved to a new building with a larger area.

The ventilation system was dismantled and reinstalled at the new location. Additionally, PRANA 250 (3 pieces) were installed in smaller rooms. All this time, the system provides comfort and clean air to our customers and staff. The microclimate of the premises has improved as a result of timely and efficient removal of excess moisture with the help of recuperators. Electricity costs for heating and cooling the club’s premises have significantly decreased. I recommend the PRANA recuperator as a reliable and energy-efficient room ventilation system.