Why do you need ventilation systems in apartments, private houses, cottages?

Have you ever noticed how much your well-being depends on the quality of the air you breathe? In the fresh air in the woods, in the park or by the sea, you feel stronger, more energetic, more cheerful. And in a closed room that has not been ventilated for a long time, you often have headaches, weaknesses, and you want to sleep all the time. Doctors call this condition a syndrome of constant fatigue and recommend at least before going to bed to open windows and ventilate the room. It is the lack of oxygen (lack of ventilation in the apartment) that leads to this condition.

Previously, very little attention was paid to the design of most high-rise buildings and ventilation of apartments. Therefore, in apartments, there are only exhaust shafts in the bathroom and kitchen, and the supply of fresh air can only provide open windows. The same situation with ventilation in private homes. In winter (in terms of savings) it is detrimental to your budget. Therefore, it is necessary to look for energy-saving solutions for ventilation of apartments and houses, so that the ventilation does not lose heat in the room. One of such decisions – the PRANA recuperator.

How to arrange ventilation in the apartment correctly?

PRANA recuperators are ventilation systems in an apartment or house that use the heat of the exhaust air to heat fresh but cold supply air in winter.

Bidirectional ventilation unit with heat recovery  provides a significant advantage due to the simultaneous inflow and extraction of air flows. It is designed in such a way that the inflow of fresh air and the removal of waste air from the room occur simultaneously through separate channels, without mixing the air flows at the inlet-outlet and in the middle of the working module. This provides good recovery (heat recovery) of up to 95%.

Copper heat exchanger inactivates microorganisms and does not require additional maintenance. As a result – you get fresh, clean air from the street heated. In addition, the ventilation system does not require complex installation.

It is known that the best ventilation in the apartment, the one you forget about immediately after installation. With  Prana recuperators you will forget about dampness, fungi and headaches forever, while significantly saving on heating.

Examples of correct and incorrect ventilation of a basic type apartment.

A working kitchen hood creates a vacuum of air and without sufficient compensation of the supply air flow negatively affects the operation of heating appliances and natural ventilation.

– The efficiency of heating devices decreases;
– Contamination and spread of and odors from ventilation ducts is possible.

Working kitchen hood and heater. Air flow distribution scheme, when only one reversible ventilator is installed in one room.

CONCLUSION: Unbalanced ventilation.
Simultaneous operation of these devices creates the possibility of contaminants to the living room from the kitchen or/and bathroom.

Working kitchen hood and heater. Air flow distribution scheme, when 2 reversible ventilators work asynchronously in one room (as recommended by the manufacturer).

CONCLUSION: Partially balanced ventilation. There is no possibility of contaminants entering the living rooms from the kitchen and bathroom, the rooms are ventilated, but there is no compensation for the air consumption of the kitchen hood.

Working kitchen hood and heater. Air flow distribution scheme, when one PRANA recuperator is installed in each room.

CONCLUSION: Fully balanced ventilation. Since the supply and exhaust work simultaneously, (with a constant advantage of the supply of up to 8%), odors and combustion products do not enter the living room. Rooms are ventilated, the work of exhaust ducts and kitchen hood is compensated, which ensures their proper functioning.

Other ventilation systems also offer to heat the air from the street without opening the windows. For example, tidal installations. Such systems supply fresh air to the room due to the natural pressure difference. In fact, it’s the same as an open window. Therefore, no energy efficiency and so exhaust air is not removed from the room.

There are also so-called supply fans on the market, which are installed under batteries or radiators. The air gets on the battery, heats up and fills the room. It is clear that in this design, the air does not have time to heat up enough, which doesn’t cause ventilation of the room but drafts. In addition, there is a high probability of icing of the system in the cold season, because the vent is mounted from the outside, without additional heating.

Some manufacturers also offer to install additional heating on supply units. Of course, this is not an economical solution at all, because cold air has to be specially heated with significant energy consumption. In fact, inlet fans with heating are basically hair dryers installed in the walls.

At the same time, only centralized exhaust shafts work to remove exhaust air. It is known that very often these mines are polluted or poorly designed. In any case, they can’t cope with the required amount of removal of exhaust air and combustion products.

Thus, only the supply and exhaust system with heat recovery can effectively cope with the ventilation of apartments. PRANA recuperators are the best solution for energy-efficient ventilation of domestic and industrial premises.