Our GOAL is to ensure complete customer satisfaction by providing high quality technical support at all stages of using Prana products.


  • ensure reliable operation of the system after purchase;
  • correcting negative customer experience and providing additional consultations on the use of the system;
  • providing high-quality and fast service;
  • ensuring the expert level of the company’s partner network, as well as their maintenance and technical support.

PRANA provides comprehensive technical support for both recuperator owners and the entire partner network.

By purchasing a Prana recuperator, you have already taken a step into the future, where ensuring a healthy and comfortable environment in your home becomes a reality. An important aspect to consider after purchasing such equipment is technical support. Here we describe the range of services that we provide to the owners of recuperators to ensure the smooth operation of our product and maximum comfort.

Technical support for the customer includes:

1. at the purchase stage:

  • selection of a suitable recuperator model, taking into account the required air exchange volume and the specific features of the room;
  • consultation on the launch and full functionality of the device;
  • consultation on the operation of the mobile application.

2. at the stage when the client has already gained experience in using the device:

  • consultation on device management: selection of operating modes according to the user’s needs and device configuration;
  • connecting the devices to the Internet and setting up the device remotely;
  • informing users about device diagnostics, reminding them of scheduled (regulated at least once a year) cleaning, as well as cleaning or replacing filters with new ones;
  • performing remote diagnostics of the device;
  • support the user when sending the device to a service center for warranty or post-warranty service.

Technical support for a partner/dealer includes:

  • providing a complete information base about the product: webinars and offline seminars, training events;
  • ongoing training (on the product, its updates, and other features) for the partner’s team to ensure a high level of expertise of the company’s employees;
  • informing about new device features and updates, software improvements, changes in the mobile application, etc.

We also remind our customers that all the necessary information on the operation of the recuperator can be found on our website, in the «Technical Documentation» section.

We strive to provide you with a high level of service to ensure that your recuperator works efficiently and smoothly.

Our goal is to make your life healthier, more comfortable and environmentally friendly with advanced ventilation technology.

Communication channels are available for your convenience:

Phone Support

You can contact us by phone to get advice on any issues related to the operation of the recuperator.

+38 (067) 204 81 94; – for consultations regarding the operation of the devices.

+38 (096) 555 30 50; – to clarify the status of the equipment and the timing of repairs.


The ability to send your official requests or questions.

e-mail: support@prana.org.ua