Design, manufacture and installation of industrial heat-saving ventilation systems for premises of any purpose:

  • cottages;
  • offices, HoRECa;
  • production shops, farms;
  • swimming pools, fitness clubs;
  • medical centers, etc.

Qualified engineers of the company will offer a design solution for ventilation, advise the necessary equipment or design an individual solution for ventilation. Many years of experience and professionalism of installation specialists help us to install ventilation systems quickly and efficiently.

High-quality ventilation with heat conservation is an important business investment.

Industrial heat-saving PRANA ventilation systems

The operation of the PRANA ventilation system is based on a copper heat exchanger and is aimed at creating a healthy microclimate of the premises and normalizing the level of humidity. In the middle of the working module there is a simultaneous multidirectional movement of air: fresh air from the street passes through a heat exchanger, where it is heated (in the cold season) from the heat of the exhaust air. Streams pass through different channels of the heat exchanger and do not mix.

PRANA ventilation systems demonstrate consistently high efficiency of up to 93%, which provides significant energy savings for heating and air conditioning. Recuperators of the industrial series PRANA 250, PRANA 340S can be equipped with air ducts for the organization of the centralized ventilation system and be used decentrally.

How do we work?
  1. We provide a free consultation to the client and go to the object (if necessary).
  2. We develop a sketch of ventilation of premises, taking into account norms and standards.
  3. We calculate the cost of ventilation, agree with the customer.
  4. We develop a working project of ventilation, according to the needs and wishes of the client.
  5. Properly and quickly we install ventilation systems using modern equipment.

* Our design team develops a working project according to the customer’s needs.

Implemented projects of industrial heat-saving PRANA ventilation

Powerful centralized ventilation system based on PRANA 340S recuperators with a network of air ducts ー this is how StarDesign salon specialists see their workplace. This project can rightly be called a flagship in the commercial sphere: two floors of a modern building were equipped with a supply and exhaust ventilation system. The PRANA 340S industrial series recuperators are harmoniously integrated into the restrained Nordic interior of the company’s interior doors and offices. Even looking at the photo, the eye does not immediately find the recuperator.

A comfortable environment for intellectual, physical and emotional development is an important component of any learning space. Classes and recreation areas of the modern school Think Global Lviv is a place where children and teachers gain new knowledge, share emotions and discover the vast world. Therefore, it is important that the air quality in the school premises contributes to the activity, attentiveness and inspiration of students. To maintain a healthy classroom microclimate, the school uses a decentralized ventilation system with heat recovery PRANA 200C recuperators.

And many more implemented ventilation projects:




recuperators in the interior

рекуператори в інтер'єрі

Experts recommend installing recuperators as the most energy-efficient solution in ventilation.