Apartment ventilation

Why do you need ventilation systems in apartments, private houses, cottages?

Have you ever noticed how much your well-being depends on the quality of the air you breathe? In the fresh air in the woods, in the park or by the sea, you feel stronger, more energetic, more cheerful. And in a closed room that has not been ventilated for a long time, you often have headaches, weaknesses, and you want to sleep all the time.

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Ventilation in the room

To enjoy the fresh air in your living room, bedroom, or children’s room, it’s not enough to just open a window. Natural ventilation is able to provide air exchange, but it does not guarantee air purity or optimal humidity levels. And even more so – a comfortable temperature. In the winter months, when the heating is actively turned on, natural ventilation is the main source of heat loss.

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Ventilation of shelters

In the conditions of martial law, security has become a priority issue for Ukrainians that requires effective and quick solutions. Russian occupiers are constantly shelling peaceful Ukrainian cities, choosing ordinary residential buildings, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, and manufacturing enterprises as targets.

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вентиляція спортзалу

Gym ventilation

Exercising is the key to a good health and a good mood. When choosing a gym, we are guided not only by the location (closer to home, work), pricing policy and list of services, but also focus on its comfort.

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вентиляція школи

School ventilation

School buildings consist of rooms of different sizes and functional purposes: classrooms, gym, dining room, training laboratories, computer classes, etc. Each room has its own requirements for air exchange and ventilation.

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Kindergarten ventilation

Children are more sensitive to external stimuli and more responsive to any uncomfortable conditions. Therefore, a healthy microclimate in kindergarten is the number one priority.

What threatens the lack of forced ventilation in schools?

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вентиляція салону краси

Ventilation of the beauty salon

If you are the owner of a hairdressing business and you want to succeed, then first of all, you are obliged to take care of the positive impression of customers and the working conditions of your staff.

A healthy indoor microclimate is a necessary step to the success of your business. Only proper ventilation can provide optimal air exchange to create comfort in the salon. Not only customers will be satisfied with the atmosphere and service, but the masters will work more efficiently.

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Office ventilation

The most valuable resource in any industry is people. There is one simple rule of success in business:

If you want to increase staff productivity, create a comfortable environment for employees. Ventilation in the office is one of the priority areas in creating proper working conditions!

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Restaurant ventilation

Are you the owner of a restaurant business, a catering establishment or an entertainment complex? Then this information is for you.

Of course, the success of any restaurant, cafe or bar depends on the professionalism of the chefs and the atmosphere of the institution. However, without good ventilation, your business will not produce the expected results. After all, no matter how attractive a restaurant is, no matter how many delicious dishes are prepared there, if visitors are greeted by an unpleasant odor, suffocation and a feeling of high humidity, you will very quickly lose your customers.

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Ventilation in the garage

Ventilation in a garage is a guarantee of a healthy and safe environment for the car owner in this room. The purpose of the ventilation system is to remove harmful gases, fuel vapors and pollutants that can accumulate in the garage during vehicle operation or as a result of chemical processes. Natural ventilation is usually insufficient: limited access to fresh air, insufficient heating, and the absence of any humidity control lead to a deteriorating microclimate.

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Industrial ventilation

High-quality ventilation with heat conservation is an important business investment.

Qualified engineers of the company will offer a design solution for ventilation, advise the necessary equipment or design an individual solution for ventilation. Many years of experience and professionalism of installation specialists help us to install ventilation systems quickly and efficiently.

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Ventilation in the cellar

Unlike other rooms in the house, the cellar has unique ventilation requirements due to its location underground and limited access to fresh air. Increased humidity, unpleasant odors, fungus and mold growth are problems that arise due to insufficient cellar ventilation. In order to maintain optimal storage conditions within the basement and a healthy microclimate in this room, you should take care of ensuring effective ventilation yourself.

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Ventilation of the agricultural sector

When setting up any farm, it should be remembered that the success of animal husbandry depends on 60% of livestock feeding, 20% on the genotype and age of animals, 20% – on the microclimate and housing conditions.

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