It is the time to summarize the achievements of the most difficult year in the history of independent Ukraine. Despite the full-scale invasion and the numerous challenges that faced us in the new realities, PRANA works, helps the Armed Forces and pays taxes to support the Ukrainian economy.

Today, we continue cooperation with more than 40 countries on different continents, and we started working with Saudi Arabia, Denmark, Sweden, and the Netherlands in 2022.

Our partners from different parts of the world work hard to increase the number of PRANA supporters, therefore, over the past year, they have become partners of many iconic events and events.

In particular, in 2022 PRANA Recuperators received two honorary awards at the Installations 2022 fair in the city of Poznań. Installations 2022 is a large-scale event that presents progressive products and the latest innovations in the field of heating, air conditioning, ventilation and cooling.

The fair, which has about 400 participants, is attended by tens of thousands of professionals: installers, designers, distributors from different countries of the world. Innovative and ecological products of the PRANA company aroused great interest among the visitors of the large-scale event, which is why, already on the first day of the fair, it received two valuable awards:

  • gold medal for Prana products;
  • acanthus Aureus award for the best stand.

Also, in 2022, our partners from sunny Spain presented recuperators at Eurobrico Forum, Italian colleagues presented PRANA products with dignity at Expocasa Torino in original Italy and representatives of the manufacturer in Romania took part in the Conference of the Association of Installation Engineers as a sponsor.

In addition, in 2022, a new showroom of a Ukrainian manufacturer was opened in one of the largest shopping centers in Moldova – the Jumbo Shopping Center, which is located in the city of Chisinau.

Last year was quite full of events in Ukraine as well. Despite circumstances, PRANA became a member of the National Association of Entrepreneurs of Ukraine, which was created to protect the interests of owners and create a favorable business environment in Ukraine.

Membership in the organization gave the company the opportunity to publicly discuss problems, consolidate the efforts of all members of the organization to solve them, and also exchange experience with successful entrepreneurs of Ukraine and the world. This event contributes to the development of all aspects of the company’s activities, and also opens up new opportunities and prospects for us as a manufacturer.

During the year, our friendly team took part in more than 10 Ukrainian and international events, including the Ukrainian-Turkish, Czech and Slovak business forums aimed at deepening cooperation between friendly countries.

Also, they became participants in the Western Ukrainian Partnership Forum 2022 in Lviv – the most important event of the year in the economic life of the western part of Ukraine. During the event, all those present had the opportunity to familiarize themselves with PRANA’s technological products in the exhibition area, receive informational materials and qualified advice from the company’s representatives.

The large-scale Forum became one of the largest networking platforms of Ukraine, where more than 800 present representatives of business, government and the social sphere had the opportunity to discuss the realities of today, the conduct and development of business during the war, the prospects for cooperation between the state and entrepreneurs.

Innovative PRANA values development above all else, which is why last year Prana residents became active participants in the «Exporter’s School». The co-founder of our company, Roman Kuzych, shared his own case with future exporters, and the employees of the foreign economic activity department underwent training and successfully confirmed their knowledge with certificates.

In addition, a significant event for the company was the start of work in the direction of cooperation with Canada with the support of the USAID Program. In 2021, we received a grant from the Program to enter the new Canadian market. For the USAID program «Competitive Economy of Ukraine», we developed the PRANA international site, and also implemented a quality management system according to the ISO 9001 standard.

Despite the state of war, we continue to work actively in Ukraine and abroad, save jobs and pay taxes. After all, we strive to support the country’s economy in a difficult situation.

Also, among the events in which our employees took an active part were: The Second Open International Qualifying Tournament for Natural Bodybuilding WNBF, the «Great Recovery» forum, numerous meetings on the current situation for the Ukrainian government and business!

In addition to professional activities, since the first days of the full-scale invasion of Russian troops on Ukrainian soil, our incredible team in different parts of the world has been helping the Armed Forces, civilians, forced migrants.

We sincerely thank all foreign partners for their support and understanding, we continue to work actively and hope that 2023 will bring us peace and the much-desired victory!

Everything will be Ukraine!