The group of Prana Group companies started its activities in 2014 and consists of several legal entities, each of which is responsible for a specific area of activity:

  • Ecoventeam Sp.z.o.o. – exclusive distributor of PRANA products on the Polish market;
  • Prana Polska Sp z o.o. – specializes in the installation and maintenance of devices;
  • Prana FutureLab Sp.z.o.o — concerned with conducting research and development works.

Prana Group is located in Rashin, in the Warsaw district.  The group of companies is managed by Yaroslav Vishnevskyi, a professional in his field, who from the very beginning of the manufacturer’s activity took an active part in the processes of certification and introduction of PRANA recuperators to the market of the European Union.

Prana Group Polska has repeatedly received prestigious international awards and gold medals at international and national exhibitions (in particular, the Poznań International Fair), effectively popularizes information about PRANA ventilation systems among customers, obtains all necessary certificates and permits.

In particular, Prana Group is proud of the Prime Minister Jerzy Buzek’s award, as well as a number of patents and developments in the field of recovery and ventilation.

Thanks to the activity and high qualification of the entire team, the group of companies received all the necessary certificates confirming the possibility of installing PRANA recuperators in schools, kindergartens, medical institutions and communal facilities.

Therefore, Polish customers can receive financing for PRANA devices from the state Clean Air program. Recuperators are also widely used in houses and apartments. The long-term efforts of the manager and the team bring tangible results, and the Ukrainian PRANA brand is becoming more and more recognizable in Poland and other EU countries.

“For more than a year, we have been implementing the research project “Ventilation for schools and homes” in cooperation with the NCRB. The goal is to introduce new models of PRANA recuperators to the market. We hope that thanks to Prana Group, the conditions in which young people will study will be healthier and more ecological”, – the head of the company, Yaroslav Vishnevskyi, shares his achievements with us.

“Our advantage is creativity and innovation,” Jaroslaw proudly points out, “that’s why PRANA has become the leader on the Polish market in the field of recuperation and internal ventilation. We are proud to have become the first representative of PRANA in the EU and to be part of the PRANA structure, as well as to who made their own contribution to its formation and development”.

We want to thank our Polish colleagues Rekuperatory PRANA for their efforts and tireless work on brand development.

We are sure that together we will achieve the most ambitious goals, our innovative and ecological recuperators will be appreciated and expand their presence around the world!