The French Lyon city hosted the conference “Construction and renovation of ready-made buildings 2050” on November 24. The event brought together all interested players working in the fields of energy and eco-efficiency in construction. Project owners and managers, manufacturers, and startups rallied around this theme to prepare low-carbon programs for the near future.

The organizers of the Enerj Meeting Lyon 2021 noted that the climate and health crises are forcing a different way to design and renovate buildings. Global warming has its consequences, which is why new energy standards for carbon emissions will be implemented all over the world.

The conference was attended by over 60 speakers. In parallel, there was an exhibition, where exhibitors offered their technological innovations to the participants.

PRANA presented its product in Lyon. Because recuperators provide energy-efficient and heat-saving ventilation of rooms. They fill the room with fresh air, removing polluted and waste air. The copper heat exchanger has a high efficiency of up to 95%. Therefore, the ventilation system uses resources sparingly. With a recuperator, you can save up to 50% on heating costs in the winter and up to 80% on air conditioning costs in the summer. What’s more – each unit prevents the emission of 1,134 kg of carbon dioxide per year.

After all, this is how ventilation of the future should be: safe, energy-efficient, ecofriendly.