Driven by the project “Greening the Planet by planting 1 million trees a day” PRANA team went to the forest again. This time in the Shklou forestry (DP Rava-Ruskoye Lesnoe Upravlenie). On a plot of 0.8 hectares they planted oak seedlings, which will later become a strong green forest.

Why is planting a forest important to the PRANA team?

Trees are often called the green “lungs” of the planet. They are true natural filters which are purify the air from dust and suspended microparticles containing acids, metals and hazardous emissions from factories, cars and construction sites. The quality of the air we breathe determines our health, mood, quality and length of life. The PRANA team works every day to improve the air quality of the premises and knows that clean, natural air is priceless.

In addition to their air-cleaning function, trees play a serious role in counteracting the changing climate of our planet. The overhanging crowns of trees help reduce ambient temperatures and prevent the formation of ground-level ozone, which is dangerous for humans.

Tree planting new record

Last year The PRANA team took part in the Greening of Ukraine Campaign and planted 2700 seedlings of trees. This year we have set a new record of 1,700 trees. We hope that all of the seedlings will take root and the mature trees will produce almost 500,000 liters of oxygen daily!

Thank you to everyone who helped with such a good deed!