The winners of the contest «The Face of the City 2021» were announced in Lviv. The awarding ceremony was held on December 14 in the Kilinski restaurant. Entrepreneurs from Ukrainian and international companies gathered there. Among them were the founders of PRANA – Kuzich Roman Romanovich and Krotov Dmitry Viktorovich.

The achievements of our company were marked in the category «Energy-saving Lviv» . The organizers noted that all members of the committee unanimously chose PRANA as the winner in this area for innovation and energy-efficient solutions.

The business event «The Face of the City» has become a tradition for Lviv entrepreneurs. It has been held for more than 20 years. The organizers of the competition are Lviv City Council and Lviv Chamber of Commerce and Industry. The purpose of the event is to support local business and show its impact on the economy. Every year the enterprises that change and develop the city, the region and the industry they work in are awarded.