From the first days of the war, we have been helping Ukrainian military, civilian and internally displaced people. In mid-March we resumed work to support the economy under martial law.

We call on all entrepreneurs to support our defenders and the civilian population in the war zone, which now also needs comprehensive assistance. Only by uniting our efforts for a common goal will we be able to accelerate such a desired moment of victory.

We have been transferring funds to the Armed Forces of Ukraine from the first day of hostilities. As well the full PR department has joined the information counteraction to the propaganda of Russian invaders and is actively counteracting the Creative Forces of Ukraine community.

Our company cars are used for transportation of humanitarian cargoes across all territory of Ukraine. Our employees are actively engaged in volunteer activity.

The whole team would like to express our sincere gratitude to PRANA dealers and partners from all over the world who help refugees find housing, provide financial, informational support, and collect and transport humanitarian aid.

Dealers and partners from Poland, Italy, Great Britain, Romania and other EU countries actively help the Armed Forces with equipment, ammunition, vehicles, and organize volunteer outlets in their countries.

Recently, we transferred our armored car, which we purchased for our own needs in 2018, to the zone of active hostilities to help the Armed Forces.

Prana team categorically condemns Russia’s military aggression aimed at Ukraine’s territorial integrity and independence. We are shocked by the behavior of the Russian military, which has already led to numerous casualties among civilians, women and children.

From the first days, we all help what we can and will continue to do in order to restore peace and tranquility on our land as soon as possible.

Everything will be Ukraine!