We wish that the year 2023 will bring peace and prosperity to Ukraine, and that it will bring joy, love, success and happiness to each of us every day!

May all plans be realized, goals be achieved, and life gives only positive emotions. Inspiration, professional success, home comfort and prosperity!

We wish to realize your dreams, enjoy every moment of life and breathe fresh air to your heart’s content!

We will be happy to help you with the last one. After all, PRANA recuperators are ventilation and climate equipment created for coziness and comfort.

Our recuperators remove polluted air from the room and fill the room with fresh street air. Inside the ventilation system there is a special copper heat exchanger that collects heat from the room and heats the incoming outside air with it.

As a result, already warm air streams enter the room, which helps to save up to 96% of energy resources, respectively, and money for heating the home in the cold season.

And the compact and stylish design of the device will make it an organic element of any interior.